A Little Magic

138 words published on March 30th

Each of us carries a little magic in us. A unique flavor. Something that surprises us.

Shouters, writers, lovers. Singers, runners, makers.

Our job? Find our magic and be brilliant. Use magic well, the world shines. Use it selfishly, the world darkens.

And the world is coated in black magic. It sticks to our shoes and muddies our hemlines. Instead of helping each other, we only use magic for fun. We use it to control. We use it to deceive.

We become the witch in the woods, reeking of crusted sugar. Able to make houses out of candy. Out of candy! Out of gumdrops and lollipops and taffy.

For what? To lure strangers? To control children? To hide in the forest?

When all it takes is a little romance to bake some something nourishing and warm and beautiful.