Because They Want To

147 words published on May 2nd

They wait because they want to wait. You can ask, but it’s up to them. Stay in bed, take a shower, sip your coffee, read the paper. They’re outside trying to stay warm. They might leave without you.

They abuse because they want to abuse. Not because you burn the eggs. Not because you love poetry. Not because you’re an imperfect person with an imperfect belly who uses imperfect words. They’re cruel because they’re cruel. It’s not your fault.

They cry because they need to cry. Maybe they blame you. Maybe not. Tears have only one owner. When they leave they become part of the atmosphere. They’re not yours to keep. If you hold them, if you try to own another’s tears, you will drown in their waves.

Be gracious. Be kind. But, you don’t control people any more than you control an earthquake. React. Rebound. Rebuild.