Exactly What You Wanted

140 words published on April 8th

Said the mouse to the mongoose:

“Holy shit. I don’t believe it. I mean, you almost had me. 100 percent. To be a mouse, to be me, I’m supposed to be like him? That makes no sense. He wears giant yellow shoes and white gloves. But I believed you.

“I bought some shorts and some hair dye and totally freaked out about the size of my ears. I was going to get surgery! Imagine that? Ear enlargement. I focused on polka dots and puppies. I practiced my laugh. I went to mouse rotary club and recited mouse rotary oaths. Happiest place on earth? That’s who I’m supposed to be? I thought I was evil, a real nut job for not pulling it off. Just completely crazy. Exactly what you wanted.”

Said the mongoose to the mouse:

“Have you seen my keys?”