Lanterns Reveal the Damnedest Words

149 words published on July 22nd

Lanterns reveal the damnedest words.

You could try it indoors. Try it with candles or torches. It just doesn’t work. You need a stump. You need white light. You need the middle of nowhere to make it happen.

Remember the words on Wednesday?

Fast. Empty stomachs running on empty. What are we looking for with only water and lemons? We’re looking for pace. We’re looking for edges. We’re funny like that.

Medium. Not the smallest mind reader. You’re not the largest. You smell like fry bread and sweet tea. You can only see so far. You’re a medium medium.

Then the light led to landslides.

You promised to wear galoshes. You promised to photograph faces and feet. I promised to sit up straight and figure out what I want.

And we’ll do it. Just as fast and as medium as our brittle hearts allow.