Looking for a Drug Store

138 words published on April 7th

I think it’s best that when looking for a drug store, you base it on your mood. You are looking for drugs, after all.

My guess? You want someplace in the city. You want something minty with white paint peeling off of the counters. You want someplace where the lights flicker after flushing the toilet. A place with a tall drinking fountain from 1952 that still works and smells like watermelon.

You want a place with noise: day-to-day messy living and loving. A drugstore filled with human beings and fighting and whispering.

“Put that away! Give me my purse. We need lipstick and pantyhose and some butter mints. We need some dish soap. Where are my keys?”

You want a place with a bell. A neon pharmacy where old hopes and delusions get stripped away, if you survive it.