Normal Meaningless Dribble

134 words published on March 23rd

Howdy folks! Couldn’t make this here happen without good people like you.

That’s right! I’m talking to you, Sugar. (Don’t mind the lights. ArchieĀ over here will take care of them in a minute. It’s completely normal.)

Folks, we’ve got something stupendous for you today. You ain’t seen this anywhere else.

Straight from the Drinkwater Institute in Eureka, Montana, these are the 3 (highly classified) ways to divert any uncomfortable, soul-searching conversation into normal, meaningless dribble.

Conversation getting a little too personal? Ask these questions to save your soul:

1. What do you think of tattoos?
2. What are you working on?
3. What have you heard about Josh?

Now I think we all agree that’s worth your ticket price. Feelings are great, to a point. This here? This here is armor for when the points gets sharp.