Punchy and Broken Lines

135 words published on April 27th

I’m pretty sure that more people would read and write poetry, if we categorized poetry the same way we categorize music. Haikus, sonnets, limericks, even psalms — all meaningful forms. But it removes poetry from the streets. They’re too damn formal. Like putting beauty in ornate gold boxes, packing it away with hidden holy relics.

Out of reach from the garbage man, the waitress, the investment banker.

How about we write some country-western poetry? Or death-metal poetry? Soul poetry? It’s easy to visualize, isn’t it? Even now, you’re thinking about what punk-rock poetry will feel like. Punchy and broken lines. Irregular space. Words about colors and bricks and public bathrooms.

Poetry that gives the world the finger.

What kind of poetry would I write? That’s easy. I’d write something for everyone. I’d write rhythm and blues.