Splitting Wood

150 words published on July 26th

Day eleven. Yes, my back is stronger. Yes, I have a song to sing. But when I’m out there and it’s getting cold, I wonder if we can’t keep warm without the fire.

Ten days done. And I think I’m an expert. I’m like that with everything. Be glad I don’t want to be your doctor. Still, my aim is true. My shoulders are tight. I split wood like a machine. I’m efficient. I look like I know what I’m doing.

Ya’ll should get a movie camera to follow me. Use the footage for coffee commercials. Look there: my shirt is off, I’m wiping my forehead with it. You can use the footage for tickets to an all-male review.

Or the opening of a comedy sketch.

I’m easy. Whatever works. For now, I’m gonna try to keep the fire burning. You let me know if the blankets are ever enough.