Go Your Own Way

147 words published on April 8th

We’re done here for now. I mean: I’m done here for now. I say “we” to make this seem like it was a team effort. It’s a trick.

It was just something I needed to keep me writing and wrestling with who I am and who I have been and who I want to be.

There’s some good stuff in here. Even I think so.

There’s some rotten stuff in here too. Trouble these days is that sometimes the stuff I think is good, you think is bad. Sometimes the stuff that smells like farts in a bottle, you think is glorious.

Nothing I can do about that.

I’ll leave it here for now. Maybe for you. Maybe until I print it. Maybe forever and ever and ever.

If you’re ever really really curious about what I’m working on, you’ll find me. I’ve no doubt about that.