The One Weird Trick

148 words published on July 24th

The one weird trick? The one that social sociopaths can’t stop talking about? The one that turned marketeers and poets into stage divers and crowd surfers? Capitalists hungry for a fix that’s likely not coming?

You know. That one.

That one has little to do with beets or crossfit or inverted yoga. Some think it’s about finding a quiet space and reviewing the contents of your head one damaged package at a time. In from the left, out to the right.

Well, they’re dead wrong.

Wait. I’m worked up. That’s harsh. That’s not entirely accurate.

They’re mostly wrong.

Wanna know the secret? Wanna know the one weird trick? It’s all about tattoos, my dear. The sailors and gypsies got it right. The trick involves getting something under your skin. Always has and always will. Once it’s there, you can do anything. Accept no imitations.