Train Stations into Shopping Malls

131 words published on March 8th

Unreasonable? Yes. But, someone should have asked my permission before turning Eastern European train stations into shopping malls.

I know, I know. They call them galleries. Somehow that makes it better. Shopping art. Gourmet cinnabons. Evening gowns worth debates in freshman college dorms.

“Naw, I think the Trumpet Mermaid V-Neck got it right. The bedazzled hemline represents our post-modern existential struggle in striking and subtle ways: a little like the rain on the wheelbarrow we (still) depend on.”

They could have asked me first. I was a phone call away. I would have made the case. The case for borscht over candy. The case for brick over plastic. Skin over paper. Hard over soft.

I would have made the case for bruises and long long trips to far away shopping malls.