The Story of Sylvia Swan

150 words published on July 29th

This is the story of Sylvia Swan. It’s a lot like other stories. Tragedy then transformation.

She had many children. It was a pop tart morning. Running late, racing to school. Then there was an accident.

Her world slowed down. She watched math homework float through the air. She watched her daughter’s hair stream left, right, up, down.

Then she died. Then she came back.

But things were different. When she woke up, she could control paper with her mind.

Life didn’t go as well as you’d think for a person who can do that sort of thing. She lost money when she slept. She stole newspapers. She chased dogs with paper airplanes. She feels bad about that.

Eventually, she got a job in a library. She stays in one place. Books fly at night, like bats in a castle. She makes a living, but she’s bored to tears.