We Need Creative Therapy

140 words published on March 17th

I think I’m in love with your aunt and her punk-white hair. She always smells like basil.

Do you remember the night she told me I needed therapy? It was freezing outside. She said:

“Real therapy? It’s when we create something to help us figure out how to be healthy human beings. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or not. It’s not the creation; it’s creating. Not the painting—the strokes. Not the play—the rehearsal. Not the poem—the words.”

Do you remember the lanterns? Her hair cast a shadow on the wall like a wild willow tree.

And she’s right, you know. Look around us. Nothing’s complete. Everything is on the road to something else. We need creative therapy because it reminds us that we’re part of the cosmos. We’re makers, just like the rest of the universe.