With Hands Unfolded

140 words published on March 22nd

I heard this on the radio. It was a father talking to his son. He said:

“There’s an old proverb about babies born with their fists closed because that’s where they keep all their gifts. As they grow, their hands learn to unfold, because they’re learning to release their gifts to the world.”

The father’s wish for his boy? Live life with hands unfolded.

That’s beautiful—but it’s just too simple. It’s too easy. I hope he follows up with something like:

“And then when you’re 40, you’ll be sitting at a Denny’s drinking bad coffee. You’ll have a flirty waitress named Idaho and loneliness will fall on you like a giant Russian overcoat. Someone you love won’t want what you have to give.

“It’s gonna suck. It will feel like you’re fighting the world.

“Don’t you dare close your fists.”