Working Hollywood Boulevard

139 words published on April 19th

If I had no choice, if I had to do it to save a friend or reunite lovers or save a city from alien invasion, I like to think I would stick to the classics when working Hollywood Boulevard.

Superheroes? The boulevard reeks of tragedy and capes and old vinyl boots. Spidermans and Supermans and Batmans exchange weary high fives while hustling children. Wonder Woman poses in front of gothic statues. She sneezes. She wipes her face with her arm, careful to keep her Amazon bracelet out of her hair.

No. I think I would try Buster Keaton on for size. Or take Clark Gable for a spin.

Children will point. They’ll whisper. Who is that? Is he famous? Maybe parents will whisper back. Maybe they’ll describe the layers and layers and layers that make up who we are.