Yes, There Is a Difference

148 words published on December 13th

Yes, there is a difference between a cup and a mug and a glass. A kitchen? A bar? A cafe? They’re different countries. Oceans apart.

Dancing, kissing, praying? Sure. Yeah. Maybe it all happens in one night. Each movement capable of rescue and slaughter. But don’t kid yourself, they’re vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

I know you get this. I know you understand.

So, why so lazy? Which is it?

Is she drinking gin from a mug in her kitchen? Does she sway from side to side or does she rest her head against the wall?

Does she throw a glass of ice in a bar? Does she sneak booze in a cup? Does she kiss strangers in glitzy cafes? Does she kiss strangers in her kitchen?

Outside? Does it smell like asphalt and light. Or does it smell like wheat and caramel?

You tell me. It’s your story.